Connect NYC Coalition of Mother Agents

The Connect NYC event is not open to the public.  Every performer who attends our event has been selected by the Event Producers and then coached by one of the Connect NYC Mother Agents or Agency Directors.   A “Mother Agent” is an agent from a small market who discovers models and talent in their local area and then develops the models and talent so that they can work in a larger market.  Mother Agents & Agency Directors from smaller cities around the Southeast join forces in NYC to provide an opportunity for their models and talent.  Agency Directors &  Mother Agents from South Carolina, Georgia and Florida bring their top models, actors singers and dancers to perform at Connect NYC.  The Mother Agents are responsible for providing guidance and coaching to Connect NYC performers.  Mother Agents will assist the talent with preparation for the event such as clothing selection, script selection and  photo selection.  The Mother Agents will serve as a sounding board and mentor after the event to help performers with their next step.

The Mother Agents partner with Connect NYC but are not employees of Connect NYC.  Mother Agents take care of all matters “pre” and “post” Connect NYC while the Connect NYC producers coordinate the event.  Connect NYC producers have provided the Mother Agents with specific guidelines to follow in regards to coaching and preparation for the event.  If any performer has a question that can not be answered by the Mother Agent, performers are encouraged to call the Connect NYC office. (912) 349-2444.

Mother Agents and Agency Directors

Halo Model & Talent Agency
Director: Stephanie Duke 
1319 Bull Street
Suite C
Savannah, GA 31401 

The Viera Studio for the Performing Arts
Director: Monica Toro Lisciandro
3270 Suntree Blvd. Suite 1113
Melbourne, FL 32940

Millie Lewis Agency of Columbia, SC
Director: Sheilah Dixon
3612 Landmark Drive 
Columbia, SC 29204

Lianabel International Models & Talent
Director: Lianabel Rosario
Kissimme, Florida

Millie Lewis Charleston Agency
Director: Suzanne Greene
7475 Northside Dr.
North Charleston, SC 29420

Camden Fine Arts Center
Director: Stephanie Keel
Stevie Model Management
810 Lyttleton St, Camden, SC 29020
(803) 425-7676

Amanda’s Models & Talent
Director: Amanda Kirk
Valdosta, GA 


Photo Policy for Mother Agents

Because the Connect NYC event is an opportunity for new models and talent to meet NY agents, each participant must have photos.  While the participant is performing his/her audition pieces, the NY agents have a book of head shots.  The agents are able to study a performers head shot and resume while watching the individual performances.  It is very important for each actor/singer/dancer to have 8×10 color head shots. Most of the time, actors/singers/dancers can get a quality head shot with a “one look” photo session with a professional photographer.  Fashion models need to do one testing for Connect NYC.  A testing is one photo session with one, two or three “looks” being shot in the same day.  “Looks” are defined by different styling and location changes.  A fashion models does not need a portfolio to attend Connect NYC.  A portfolio can not be built by one photographer much like a resume is not built on one job.  A Portfolio is a book of pictures that have been developed throughout years of testings with many different photographers.  Your Mother Agent may want you to purchase an actual portfolio book to display you photos, but this is not mandatory by Connect NYC.  Your Mother Agent will be able to suggest experienced and quality photographers.

Performers’ images should be professional with good lighting, styling and posing.  Too much make up or “cheesy” posing is the perfect recipe for bad photos.  Because Connect NYC does not have a mandatory photo policy, we suggest that you discuss photo options with your Mother Agent.

Sample rates for Photo Shoots:

  • One look actors head shot $150-200
  • Three look fashion shoot including hair and make up artist $350-$500

Pricing beyond this scale should be researched and/or discussed with your Mother Agent and/or Connect NYC.  

Connect NYC does not receive any fees or commissions from photography sessions.